Living in a multi-cultural community we learn from each other every day. Our culture, our families, and our personal experiences form our global perspectives. While our opinions may vary, we share a desire to explore new perspectives and have compassion for a different point of view.

Sharing our resources. Reaching out to other schools in the region to share our established programs helps them and benefits us, as we learn from teaching and grow to appreciate the privileges we have.

“I began to figure out how I was going to distribute all of the books as quickly as possible. However, once I started the distribution, I realized how wrong that line of thinking was; to say I was moved once I began talking to them would be an understatement. These children inspired me in unimaginable ways; their intelligence, humor, strength, and wisdom showed me that there is so much more to these children than the mere refugee status that many are so quick to pin on them. I firmly believe that this experience will stick with me for the rest of my life….” Faris, grade

Helping others who are less fortunate is a responsibility and a joy.

“When we were leaving the village, I saw a woman and her children trying to get water out of their flooded house. I think I will remember this striking image for a long time. I never, before this trip, realised the importance of having a proper house. Not only is it your home, it is a place of safety, especially in situations like natural disasters. All of us are a lot more grateful for the things we have, things we may not have even realised we should be grateful for before we travelled to Pondicherry.” Serene, grade

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